Villa De Zoysa
Your Home with a History

Wake up in this beautiful colonial mansion to soft sunlight filtering through your shuttered windows. Open your heart in a morning session by the poolside yoga shala, nourish your body with a dazzling array of homemade Sri Lankan dishes and rediscover your centre with an evening yoga class on the beach as the sun sets. Villa de Zoysa is simply a unique abode that will awaken your soul, your spirit and your senses. There is history and heart wrapped into the bones of this home and the spirit of its owner. It’s the only heritage home on the coast offering its heart as a retreat centre. A soul refuge with the stunning architecture of a bygone era, time spent on the grounds of Villa de Zoysa resting in a hammock, curling up with a book on one of the expansive terraces, or sipping freshly brewed tea in an open courtyard is deliciously restorative.

Step onto the green grasses of the villa, and step into peace. Built in the last century and still owned and managed by a family member, this heritage home is undoubtedly one of the best yoga retreats in Sri Lanka.

Yoga holidays and wellness treatments
in Sri Lanka.

We like to say we run yoga holidays, as retreats sound a bit too serious and structured. We offer 2 yoga classes a day – 7.30 to 9.00 am and 5.30 to 6.30 pm and you have a day off on Sunday.

Between the classes, on a typical day, you have enough free time to surf snorkel, dive and go to the beach. Or we could visit the UN heritage site of timeless Galle-Fort or a tea plantation or an isolated Buddhist temple. Or there’s cycling in the village or a healing in-house deep tissue massage. We like to mix yoga with other pleasures and we hope you’ll love this place in all its beauty and variety.

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