Why choose a yoga holiday?

There’s something about going on a yoga holiday that gives us a purpose and a sense of well being beyond the average holiday. A way of being kind to ourselves and following our heart’s longing. A place to be with yourself, in calm and beauty, immersed in a space to create and restore. Doing twice a day yoga in the morning and evening, encourages new expressions of mind, body and spirit, allowing us to have more spaciousness. Giving our minds a chance to receive new teachings, we can listen to and build trust in the body, allowing us to be both enlivened and restful. And in taking time for care of the soul, our inner voice or spirit can rise to the surface, allowing us to find a freedom and joyfulness that we might miss in every day life.

Life in Sri Lanka in simple and enduring.
Places where the time has stopped. Placed we thought does not exitsts.
Loading hand woven coir door mats which eventually end up at the other side of the globe!

Yoga matters here.

Choosing a yoga holiday at Villa de Zoysa, our timetable is designed to give you the chance to do yoga every day, to develop and deepen your practice, to experience new teachers and to feel part of a connected community. Or you may not wish to attend every class and that’s cool too; you’re also here to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and discussions as they are also a vital part of wellbeing on a yoga holiday. Hanging out in a hammock, self practice in the yoga shala, meditation in a quiet corner or relaxing by the pool – it all matters in the heart space.

Climbing 70 foot coconut trees ?
Coconut scrapper, all simple adgets in this kitchen.

You matter here.

Taking a yoga holiday focused on well being is a holistic treat of self-care practices. With the offer of Ayurvedic treatments or deep tissue massage from our excellent masseur, our amazing food – simple, exquisite and healthy rice and curries, (often rated as best on the island) AND there’s also enough free time for the beach at Hikkaduwe. Whether you’re swimming surfing or snorkelling, or relaxing and reading with a fresh juice, the free time is yours to enjoy what ever makes you feel most alive, restored and rested. Villa de Zoysa is an incredible place, so there’s also the luxury and pleasure of discussing art, culture, history with the Sri Lankan owner of the

Devinda, the charismatic third generation owner. He knows the island like the back of his palm, and kindly and willingly offers inspiration and ideas for seeing local Buddhist sites, places and the beauty of this country.

Yoga holidays with a difference, pleasure amidst the palm trees, it’s a unique and beautiful place to visit, to rest and as time passes, simply to be. If you’re thinking about the value of a yoga holiday, take the leap, the net will appear here. Trusting yourself and your soul’s journey, begins with choices great and small, setting your spirit free takes a little courage and tiny steps.

Walking on the beach ?? is one way of looking back at yourself to recharge