Teacher Bianca Oliveira at Villa de Zoysa

Villa de Zoysa teams up with one of the best Ashtanga yoga teachers, Bianca de Oliveira from Brazil to start 2023 with a dream retreat…….

Core muscle strength, ligament stretch, alignment , hand strength



Ashtanga Retreat, January 12-21

Wake up in a beautiful ocean front colonial mansion. Open your heart in a morning class by led at the poolside Yoga Shala, nourish your body with homemade Sri Lankan dishes and rediscover your center with an evening yoga class on the beach as the sun sets. Between the classes, on a typical day, you have enough free time to indulge in surfing, snorkeling, diving, visiting UN heritage site of timeless Galle-Fort, a tea plantation, an isolated Buddhist temple, cycling in the village and even having a fabulous in-house deep tissue massage. We will stay at an ocean front property with unspoiled turtle breeding beach and a 4-acre coconut tree fringed garden provides you with ample lush greenery and space. Our yoga Shala by the pool or the wooden platform with open skies on the beach. During the retreat we will have an overnight stay at the mountains, visit tea plantation farms and an Elephant Safari Park.

What Ashtanga does to the body.

Many of you may have heard Ashtanga as too hard, and may not be suitable for likeness of slow pace and relaxing attitude.

However that is far from the point.  Ashtanga can can give you immense benefit in a short time to strengthen your mucesls and ligaments so much that at the end of the day, you will feel more relaxed than most yoga classes you have done.

Of course, a lot depends on the teacher, and in Bianca, you can be rest assured that you have the  best

Here are some known benefits.

  • Calms you. Controlling your movements, breath patterns, and gaze all at once increases concentration and helps calm your autonomic nervous system, which controls heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure.
  • Improves well-being. …
  • Strengthens muscles. …
  • Promotes healthy eating. …
  • Eases pain.

intense physical workout that helps you lose weight.


Whats Special: A Wild life and Breath taking highland tea district travel


Bookings are open!

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