Ayurveda is the science of life. It is an ancient Indian healing system that aims to counteract imbalances of the 3 essential forces, vata, pita and kapha. These 3 forces constitute the thidosha, which regulates the normal functioning of the human body.

We offer Ayurveda treatments and to achieve the best results we request you complete a formulated, comprehensive questionnaire in order to assess the needs of the individual Since much is written and talked about this therapy, high expectations have been placed, leading to misconception. Our task is to evaluate thru our questionnaire and recommend as to what can and cannot be achieved during a given period of time. Please call for this questionnaire.

A typical two weeks program includes

  1. Consultation with Ayurvedic doctor
  2. Ayurvedic medicine prescription for any ailment or cleansing if required
  3. Herbal stroke/flower bath/Steam Bath
  4. Shirodhara (Warm head oil bath)
  5. Sarvangadhara (Warm Body Oil bath)
  6. Head and body massage.

Please note that all of the above schedule may not apply, as the doctor alone decides what treatment is best


At Villa de Zoysa the food we offer and its health benefits has always been a big aspect of the guests stay. On request we can also offer detox program, whether this be weight loss, organ cleansing, or trying to kick the cities bad habits. We would also request in this case that you complete the questionnaire this will then be evaluated and considered if you are applicable for the program. Along side any detox program we do advise you to take part in meditation, as this will benefit the mind and body.

Guests are also able to book massages in the comfort of the Villa. Excellent masseurs who offer deep tissue or Ayruvedic massage can pamper you at very affordable rates.

Masseurs: deep tissue massage or soft massage of one hour duration with natural essential oils, such as sandalwood or coconut.

These are typically £12 or €17 per one hour massage. On booking any massage we do usually need a minimum of 48hrs notice.


Our staff, all females are internationally trained and among a select class of local therapist.

Twin treatment of pedicure and facial. (One hour)