Villa De Zoysa Corporate Social Responsibilities 

Environment & Conservation:

We continuously engage the village community on keeping the environment clean, including our beach and planting trees to make the village greener. We sponsor various programs in association with the state authorities to educate the villagers. Attractive art and slogans are being painted in walls to draw the attention and we are please to achieve considerable success as we do witness a mark improvement in people’s attention and attitude towards a cleaner environment.

We also conserve the turtle hatching by protecting the hatched eggs and releasing the tiny ones to the sea at the right time.

Small Village School:

Our cooperate social responsibility stretches from feeding the children in Boossa School, which was originally built in 1907 by the benevolent patron of Boossa, the man who also built the villa around the same time.

Today, although it is a state school, our support facilitates providing computers, library, and a support staff of 7 personal. In addition, scholarships of free books and extra paid classes are offered to all bright students from grade 5 and 10.

You are welcome to visit the school which is just a 5 minute walk.