Emma has had a passionate dedication to yoga for more than 15 years and has been teaching and sharing this love for over 5 years.

Emma initially turned to yoga to help a shoulder injury and was greatly inspired by the healing transformation that took place in her body as her yoga practice deepened. Her love of yoga took her to India where she trained to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow, a combination of the traditional Ashtanga practice and a more contemporary Flow style.

Emma shares her ever evolving practice in regular public classes and workshops in South London and leads retreats in India, Sri Lanka, Colombia and Europe. She has completed numerous teacher trainings; Inversions with Patrick Beach, Ashtanga with David Swenson, Yin Yoga with Josh Summers, Rocket, Mandala, Yin and Tripsichore with The Yoga People and Yoga Nidra with Uma Dinsmore Tuli. She is a registered Teacher with Yoga Alliance with more than 600 hours of training.

Her background in dance and Capoeira, teaching both during her twenties, has infused her yoga with the joy and poetry of physical movement. She uses this passion to create dynamic, flowing, dance-like sequences, which she guides her students through gracefully, joining the movements with breath and creating a feeling of lightness, ease and deep relaxation for her students. Her love of handstands and inversions brings a sense of fun and play to her offering.

Her teaching fuses elements of Rocket and Mandala styles, and she often mixes this dynamic practice with Yin Yoga to balance the often physically challenging Yang style of Vinyasa. Her classes often include Yoga Nidra, the sacred yoga of sleep, as a guided meditation for true awakening. She uses breathwork, intention and philosophy to deeply relax and calm the nervous system, encouraging students to let go of the narratives in the mind and to drop into true Being.

Her classes encourage awareness energetically, physically and spiritually. Emma creates a positive, nurturing environment for students to learn, experiment and transform through their yoga practice. Emma’s classes empower and inspire students to rediscover their own sacred space which they can return home to again and again.

Outline of teaching schedule for retreat

Discover your sacred space:

Morning Yoga practice will begin with Pranayama breath work to connect and energize and will flow into moving meditation with a dynamic, vinyasa flow. Expect graceful, creative sequencing, plenty of core strengthening, and fun, playful arm balancing and inversions if you fancy them, with plenty of options if you don’t.

Evening practice will be Yin Yoga; floor based, long held meditative postures and Yoga Nidra; the awakening yoga of sleep. We will end each evening session with meditation, during which time you will be invited to connect with intention and with awakening to your own freedom and consciousness.

Each day we will focus on one of the 7 Chakras, which will correspond to a different element and part of the physical anatomy. This will influence the theme of the postures of both the Yin and Yang practice each day. The awe of nature intimately around us will inspire an elemental and sensory experience of each moment, as doorways into that sacred space.

All levels are welcome. If you are an experienced yogi this will be a chance to delve deeper into your practice, or if you are a complete beginner it will be an opportunity to begin your yoga journey. Every body will be lovingly nurtured and catered for.

Testimonials from emma’s retreat guests

”Emma’s assured, creative and beautiful practice has given me a real gift – a lasting love of yoga. It is clear that she poured her heart and soul into crafting a retreat which allowed her students to strengthen as yogis and as people. She gave us the confidence to stretch, balance and breathe in new ways and made space for all the deep reflection that comes with that. There was also time to collaborate, share music, books, laughter, dance, stories and nature. This week spent on retreat with Emma was one of the most special of my life so far and I have no doubt the glow I felt afterwards will last for a long time yet – topped up every time I get back on the mat.”
Hannah Burd – Retreat Guest

“Emma’s retreat was a week of being truly good to yourself. Life-changing sounds a bit over-the-top, but I think it really was! Having a whole week in what can only be described as paradise, with delicious healthy food and a truly beautiful beach felt like the ultimate life detox. And that’s before I’ve even mentioned the yoga! Emma’s classes were fun, thoughtful and completely in tune with the nature that was all around us. She tailored them to each of our needs meaning we could work on areas that we wanted to improve, as well as teaching us lots of new poses and sequences. I looked forward to every class and could feel myself getting stronger every day. I never thought I would be able to do yoga twice a day, every day for a week – but it turns out I can! It felt so easy to connect with everyone and I made some great new friends. The retreat gave me the time and space needed to stop and think about my life, what I want from the future and how grateful I am for the present. When do we ever get a chance to do this in the hustle and bustle of London?! I’m a retreat convert and would recommend it to everyone. Take some time and be good to yourself, you’ll wonder why you’ve never done it before.” Jane Dodson – Retreat Guest

“Whether you are younger or older, whether you arrive solo or with a friend or partner, you will soon feel magically part of a welcoming, accepting and supportive tribe of lovely people. After a couple of days immersed in the glories of nature and of Emma’s beautifully prepared yoga schedule, you may feel your city shell crack open and a relaxed, glowing being emerge, ready to laugh, dance, swim and lie in the sun. When you return to your everyday, you may bring back happy memories, new friendships, a healthier eating and sleeping pattern and an evolution in your ability to focus on your life’s intentions.”
Rowena Parsons – Retreat Guest

“I am an experienced yoga practitioner but had not practiced yoga with Emma prior to attending her retreat in Portugal. I found her teaching holistic, precise, and just outright wonderful! She is an incredibly warm, present, attentive and skilful space holder. The balance of dynamic vinyasa, yin and nidra practices made the retreat so incredibly grounding, nurturing and fulfilling. What struck me most was Emma’s attention to detail in every aspect of the retreat, which really enriched my experience. What a joy to receive her yoga teachings; the classes feel like a collective meditation in movement and presence. It’s rare to experience such cohesiveness in a group, and particularly with a teacher who is unfamiliar to you. Thank you Emma!”
Melanie Tokley – Retreat Guest