If we state that the best rice and curry dinner and the breakfast of a similar status restaurant in the entire island are served by us, it is not an exaggeration,  but may even be an understatement. The secret is that our chef walked in as a young 23 year old caretaker, but is now a 57 year old grandfather!

It is the classic family cooking tradition of secret recipes which continues to this day.
We also visit vegetable markets almost on a daily basis for our very fresh supplies, other than sourcing from our own garden and the village.
You are invited to join our cooking classes and learn the fine art of using the traditional spices and herbs.

Emphasis is on a healthy, mainly vegetarian diet.

Breakfast, usually taken after morning yoga session, is a dazzling array of fresh tropical fruits by the plateful, eggs of your choice, fresh curd with coconut treacle. Plus the widely popular and much loved coconut roti, preserves and a choice of local teas and freshly squeezed juices.

Dinner is a sumptuous rice and curry affair, freshly prepared by the chefs, in the tradition of home cooking. A variety of at least five vegetables, together with dhal and rice is the favorite among many clients. Locally caught fish can be served for non-vegetarians. A mouth-watering fruit salad or honey-flavored bananas are the proffered deserts.

Many guests consider the food we prepare to be the highlight of their stay!