Energy with Maria Monakhova

I love teaching at Villa de Zoysa, returning for the second time within a year! It is about meeting people, exchanging ideas, discussing progress, laughing at about almost anything……..and good heavens, surfing almost everyday!

This home is very special, and I already look forward to my return, again!

The temple visit. Villa de Zoysa’ s choice of places to visit is quiet extra ordinary. I visited a rare historically important temple, well out side of the main stream tourist attractions. A lone grey bearded Buddhist monk, whose  attempt to explain the intricate psychology behind the philosophy was fascinating, with his limited vocabulary of English. The dilapidated drawings dating back to over 2 centuries is a stunning discovery, and we’ll hidden among those are the most significant piece of art…..I may not divulge the secret as Devinda, our host wants to keep it as a surprise to visiting guests.

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