Thought Process.
Your worse enemy cannot harm as much as your unguarded thoughts.

A thought process has been described as a set of images or ideas being processed by your brain, which forms the next sequence. This subsequently forms the next and the next and the next.
The images or ideas, may or may not be positive all the time, as circumstances, both internal and external factors influences the final out come.

Ignorance and Awareness.
Therefore awareness, might be the best way to safeguard your behaviour. Any ignorance towards not being aware of your thought process may lead you to act in a manner you never intended.

How to Develop Awareness?
Practising a minute of mindfulness everyday and gradually increasing it to few minutes of practice over the next months may bring fruitful results.

Where can we start?

1. If the Ocean is easily accessible, sit on the beach and watch the surf, synchronising your heartbeat to the surf.

2. Sit on your bed, or under a tree and begin to be aware of your own breath.

A minute initially would be good. You will feel this time easy to focus on, and as you feel comfortable with this time frame, gradually increase this to another minute and another, till it is comfortably done for ten minutes.

Regular practice may eventually expand your ability to focus at increasing time frames.

Positive Thoughts.
Positive energy is all about the art of compassion. He who observe the thoughts, controls the behaviour. The first step in checking your thoughts is awareness.
With greater awareness, you are able to develop the ability to be in the present moment, without judgement but with kindness and care.
This is compassionate thoughts. Thoughts that generate positive energy, positive out look and above all calmness in your mind.

Exuding compassionate thoughts, for it will never destroy bridges you build in relations, trust and honesty which are positives of life.

Negative Thoughts.
External factors may often trigger the negative effects in you. Among them, undesirable company or friends, competition and or jealousy, revenge and hatred etc, etc.
Such a thoughts creates a series of negative images and these may very well create further negative images spiralling you further into the darkness.

It is why awareness is crucial to detect the minds swing towards the darkness and take remedial measures to ensure the reversal to be in the positive.

Look out for further discussion in the near future.