Designed to give the 10 day yoga retreat a new experience.

Around mid week of the retreat, yogis will have the option of a group travel to the fabulous high grown tea Region of 1500meters above sea level and a visit to the Wild life Park.

The following trip is recommended.

National Safari Park + Mountain


1stday: 3 hrs; 220 km.

Leave Villa after early breakfast and drive straight to the mountains.

Lunch at a restaurant overlooking tea plantation. Climb a mountain to be 1000 meters above sealevel, with magnificent views.Watch the train passes a century old bridge, veawing through wilderness.Sleep over in asmall bungalow

2nd day:

Walk around the beautiful tea plantation early in the morning, before the breakfast.

Take the slow train ride of 30 minutes, dubbed by experts as one of the best train journeys in the world. Which weaves through rolling, breath-takingtea mountains and wilderness. A journey of a bygone era.

After the train ride,  head back to coast via the national park to reach the entrance by 3.30pm. 1.30 hrs drive.

National park is a three hour exploration of wilderness. Elephants, crocodiles, deer, water buffalos, and many varieties of birds to be seen.

Around, 6 pm head to Villa de Zoysa.

1hr 30 minutes drive, in time for dinner at 8.00 pm.


One night stay at Ella, can be paid from the same budget, as there will be no charge for that at Villa de Zoysa. But yogis rooms at villa remain intact, so they can take few things for the over night stay out.

For the two day transport costs, it will be 40 Eurosper person for 6 people in a van.

The National Park entrance is EURO 25 per person and the land rover which drives you around for three hours in side the park, would be about Euro 10 per person for minimum 5 persons.