Lisa: Why is sex so important to you Jake? Do we need this now?

Jake: Hmmm, no really not, I love you, so if you need space, i would be happy to allow it.

In fact Jake is not happy, but has to put up a brave face.
She is looking for an emotional relationship, but he needs physical relationship in return, to feel in love.

Do the men need this physical interaction to feel in love?

Men would say sex expresses love. Is that mean, the woman who likes an emotional only relationship does not love that man?

Not necessarily. Not wanting to have sex could very well be connected with low self esteem, in other word, low self confidence. People who have healthy sex life is generally high in self confidence. They feel good about themselves, their surroundings, have trust in their partners, and are often proud of being seen as wonderful persons.

It was statistically found, that if a woman develops an emotional relationship with a man other than him, it is of little concern. However, if the relationship develops into a physical contact, the very partner will resent and feels she has cheated on him.
Interestingly, in same connected survey, women did not mind her man having a fling with another woman, as long as he does not keep seeing her again and again.

This survey probably sums up the psychological approach and behavior of the genders, to relationships. Although, the issue is the same, the reaction could be different based on the gender.

For the man being inside of the woman, increases his love for her. Sex increases dopamine levels. This is a key ingredient to fall in love. Chemically it is justifiable then to be wanting to have sex to be in love.
But this only explains what happens and not why.

Then there is this mother things for most men, if not for all men.
Oedipus theory and all that. Men, first as toddlers feeling the warmth and security of the mothers, growing up, developing their anima on the very lines….Jung called it projection and Italians have even a more simpler definition, Mamas boy!

The opposite is the daughter father thing. Daughters developing their animus or self by associating with fathers closely. They identify the strength, the security and the masculine presence of the father and often seek the same qualities by projecting to their partners.

Therefore, is sex and romance a gender and psychology influenced behavior?