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The Wild Off season at Half Price.

The south westerly winds bringing the seasonal monsoonal rains starts in early May and runs through late September……All and every guide book will advise the discerning traveler to avoid the south west coast during this period, and head for the east coast where the sun shines and the sea is more accessible for swimming……
However, it is increasingly becoming clear to me that my favorite period of time at home is this so called monsoonal period…..and this brief is an attempt to appreciate the wild side of life……
Sri Lanka’s temperature year round is a very stable indicator, as much as the sun setting and rising times…….. Always between 26 degrees
to a maximum of 32 day time in the south west coast, latter in April when the sun travels directly overhead of the island……
It is the humidity which varies more, being slightly dry during the season of November to April…….as opposed to the other period, but the sea due to it’s south westerly winds becomes rougher and ferocious, making the sea bathing in south west coast nearly impossible, except in Unawatuna and a smaller adjacent beach, as they get shelter from the large reef cover………But long walks especially at the Narigama beach, looking at the restless surf lashing at the show line. The sky may not be as orange as in the high season, but the high moisture content and the frequent scattered cloud cover has stunning visuals.
The best part is the empty beaches and the restaurants, chatty waiters and beach boys (they become desperate?) a very quiet and chilled time as opposed to the busy season. Even the famous Galle Fort is quiet, although most shops/cafes are open.
What is more if by any chance the weather forecast for a week is not good, then it is a 6 hour drive to the East coast, to have the guaranteed sun.

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  1. Chelsea K December 1, 2019 at 4:37 pm - Reply

    I was living in the south coast during rainy season. Even though I am yet to experience the non-rainy season, I can say that the rainy season was so delightful. The first few months I was there, about June-August, we hardly saw any rain at all. The beaches and streets were quieter, restaurants less busy, and it was hot and the sun was shinning everyday. The rain picked up in August but was still beautiful weather. Then picked up a little more in September. I would definitely recommend traveling in the south coast in the rainy season. It’s still absolutely beautiful and less of the hustle and bustle of a busy tourist season.

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