Beach is a hive of activity.

Freedom and Space on the Beach without Restrictions. Is it a combination of Sun, Humidity and the mind which helps?

Best Reasons to select Sri Lanka now.

* Relatively low infection data

* Unrestricted access to beaches restaurants and even walk around UNICEF heritage city of Galle Fort. Only shops require masks.

* Fabulous day time sunny weather of 30 degrees giving way to cooler 25 in the evening. Blue skies 7 days a week.

* Great beach atmosphere reminiscent of carefree times *Great current airfare offers from both Western and Eastern Europe, with non stop flights from London and Frankfurt. Returning passengers to Germany from Sri Lanka does not require a PCR test.

*Europeans under freeze and restrictions will need a break and Sri Lanka with is fabulous beaches and lush greenery is idyllic at the moment.

* The cash trapped government is offering all major Foreign currencies an attractive higher rates making your money so much more valuable.

* We at Villa de Zoysa, are always at hand to make your stay a home away from home, paying every attention to details.

  • Since opening on 1st December 2021, we have had around 40 yogis accommodated and had absolutely no problems so far on their return PCR tests, being all negative.

* Our service does not make a hole in your pocket, we assure you.

* Be it air port transfer or free local site visits are arranged in style of Mercedes or BMW class. * Come join us, to see the difference.

Team Villa de Zoysa.