Ideally situated within a 20 minute bus rides to three best surfing beaches catering to all levels.

Beginners Dream.

New to surfing? Not comfortable with surging waves? Learn surfing at one of the safest places where you will stand up on the board in no time! The swell does not move beyond a meter and a half! Guided by our able Sri Lankan teachers, you will find surfing so much fun.

Check with us for very affordable lessons rate.

Good at surfing?

We have 2 amazing points, one just a 100 meters from us, a reef break with a flowing 2 meter for the adventurous and the most experienced.

The second, beach break and good waves of 1.5 meter for intermediate level. Suitable boards can be rented from numerous places on the beach. They are also good at advising the day’s wave heights and conditions.

snorkelling and diving, including PADI licences is also available and would be happy to assist you in advance on prices and suitable instructors.

Intermediate level?

If you are at intermediate level and is comfortable taking the 1.5 meter + waves. Plenty of board rental places are on the beach to rent a suitable one. Most rental places are good at advising the days wave height.