Best Travel Tips Sri Lanka

1. Avoid booking round tours and hotels prior to your arrival in SL, unless it is peak period of the season. You may find, it is much more cost effective and enjoyable to finalize travel plans after arriving in Sri Lanka.

2. Discuss your plans with the hotel personal, someone who knows the off road attractions, understand the culture, lead you to interesting art centers, talk about the history with a passion sans glorification, and suggest you to visit free sites.

3. Pick your own destinations, and not allow others to decide without a good reason.

4. Visit smaller, intimate authentic temples and avoid trumpeted big sites. Often much publicized sites are more aesthetically appealing from outside than inside.

5. Avoid car drivers, tuk-tuk drivers’ sudden suggestions of sites, shops while travelling around. Always good to discuss destination and the fare prior to getting in. Be firm on the agreed price, when attempted to change at the final stop.

6. Try using public transport as much as possible, especially the train on long-distance travel, if you have time to spare. it cost a dollar and a half to travel 100 km!

Some of the travel advisories are totally outdated. small towns have become busy cities, historical sites have exaggerated rules and prices, traditional surfing areas have changed to new ones. Our ideas are for less frequented places, with fewer costs.

If you plan to travel around the island, no matter how many nights, before or after coming to the retreat, just ask Devinda, for any suggestions. He would love to help you out.

A typical itinerary:

let us know your interest and we shall be happy to suggest the route and explain what you can see.

We let you decide the choice of your hotels, but can suggest places and hotels, not frequently covered by large internet booking platforms. Should you require assistance in booking we can do that for you too.

Just talk to us, you will know we are not the average travel advisor.

A typical route of 4 nights

Pick up by car at the airport. Cultural/historical route covering aboriginal territory down to tea trail. A short journey on a train through tea plantation and down to the south coast to our retreat.

3 nights: Less culture and more tea trail.

The most cost effective and popular route.
Arriving at the airport, a 2.5 hour travel by car will get you to Kandy. Night at Kandy. Following day, a long winding train ride through the beautiful tea mountains. 2 nights stay at tea bungalow or hotel.

The best option would be to let us pick you up and arrive at our retreat straight from the airport, and plan the tour with Devinda.