Meditation and practicing mindfulness has taken a higher place around the world. Children to adults of different professions including law enforcement utilizes meditation to improve personal well being, interactions with society.

Meditation helps to unleash the suppressed good qualities.  Noble qualities such as love, kindness and compassion are considered to be suppressed due to busy life.

Different types of meditations like buddhist, zen, transcendental to simple breathing techniques. All these practices have proven to benefit individuals during the last decade. Meditations techniques like insight meditation are for individuals who realizes that anger, worries and etc means suffering as a whole.

Mundane level meditators would practice to be mindful and to increase awareness all the time to help make change in behavior and attitude towards betterment. Also meditators would move towards a more spiritual understanding for nature of life and existence to discover pleasant surprises which could be beyond words.

At Villa de Zoysa offer meditation practices with guaranteed results, be it mundane or supra mundane sphere seeker by having a view on life and existence from different perspectives with the possibility of inner transformation.