We are open 365 days a year and provides only the best and the most experienced teachers to our guests.

Typically, our teachers teach a hardworking 1.5 hour yang class in the morning and an excellent one hour yin class in the late afternoon. The Yan class emphasis on flexing muscles, stretching ligaments and nerves while the Yin class is dedicated to body alignment, balance, breathing and relaxing techniques.

We welcome you on any day of the week, as we hold two classes everyday other than Sunday which is the rest day.

Our wellness program is tailor made for individual needs. An Ayurveda doctor is available for consultation, before a program is formulated to suit the duration and the aspiration of the client. It is not often possible to accommodate a full Ayurveda treatment on a short stay and or without sacrificing  freedom of movement.

We strive to provide the best possible well-being treatment to suit the time frame available to the guest at affordable rates.

Our treatment includes:

  • Shirodhara ( Classical procedure of dripping warm medicated oil on your forehead)
  • Abhyanga massage ( Full body Massage of dosha specific warm herb infused twin pouches)
  • Steam bath using only fresh herbs. ( herbal medicated oiled body is exposed to fresh herbs infused steam)
  • Pichu Therapy (Warm herbal pouch remedy for carnival nerve disorders on a specific area)
  • Or a strong deep tissue massage, the best you can have in the island

Please check for rates if you are interested as ours are very affordable.