Chopping Fresh garden herbs the traditional way to make the heat pack

Chopping the Garden grown Herbal leaves, to make the heat packs (pottani)

Yoga and Ayurveda  Therapies

First of all. it truly amazed me that the three vital herbal leaves are growing wild right under my nose…In my own garden ! So a conservation effort is now being planned.

Now to the application of this herbs.

Along with stretches and muscle strengthening  techniques of yoga, we do provide a selective Ayurveda treatment of chronic back pain, caused by endless sitting and looking at a computer, which is putting pressure on the back lower back.

Yoga Practice

It is important to stop your regular yoga practice of Suriyanamaskar or Sunsalutation as this may involve movements which is not facilitating healing process, if there is a disc herniation. Forward bending and seated twists are two of those. However, Cobra, cat/cow and few other poses seems to be very beneficial.

It is best to discuss with your yoga teacher on these.

Why selective therapies?

Much has been said and written about Ayurveda in many Journals but we think a lot of those treatments need prolonged stay and could be restrictive in other activities such as swimming, sunbathing etc., etc., in the process of treatment. A days treatment of oral medicine, restrictive diet  and movement is not what we think our yogis are looking for.

Instead, we provide some of the treatment which makes sense for our guests to experience the authenticity of this ancient practice and at the same time enjoy their precious holidays.

Thus the heading Yoga Holidays.

Heat Treatment (Pottani) for Back Pain

One of the Garden Grown Herbs.

Goodness of Natural Healing properties.

One of the most common occurrence of sitting behind a desk for hours.

The three following fresh herbs, all grown in the Villa Garden are freshly plucked.

  1. Nika leaves aka Chaste tree leaves ( Vitex Negundo leaves)
  2. BehethErandukola(Castor Bean leaves)
  3. Patta Epala leaves(UrenaLabota)

We chop, mix and roll them into a cotton cloth pouch. Steam it make it not only warmer, but to extract the juices from the herbs which contains precious curable properties. before dabbing them on the lower back area and back of the thigh, down the calf muscles.

Sincerely, the effects of the herbs or it’s properties are unknown as not much research has been done. However, it has been the practice of both Ayurveda and the indigenous treatment (helavedekama) in Sri Lanka for centuries. It will not have lasted so long if the benefits have not been reaped.

During the treatment, It is important to place a pillow under the stomach, face down, to slightly lift the spinal code to di compress the vertebrae, allowing the heat to stimulate nerves around.

Meridian warm oil treatment(Shirodahra)


Warm herbal oilation on Chakra.

Soothing your Meridians

Although not directly connected to the back pain, yogis can experience the value of this treatment, which is said to relieve anxiety and nervousness. It is also stated that it restores the Vata/Pita imbalance which is two of the three doshas in Ayurveda. It is known to promotes sleep, accordingly.


Deep Tissue Massage

We do have a very good masseur who have been performing one of the best ever deep tissue massages, at a very reasonable rate.

He has a very good knack of finding knotty stress points, working feverishly on tissues, muscles to relieve pain.

All our charges ranging from Euro 10 to 15, are based on affordable experience, and not on exorbitant treatment package rates.

A consultation can also be arranged with our Ayurveda doctor, should you wish have one.