Yoga is a union between mind, body and soul. It connects all the beings in this entire universe. It helps us to stop and observe ourselves. We are living in a busy world and sometimes it is super hard for us to allow ourselves to just be. I have noticed that in my own practice and with my students that even laying in Savasana seems to be a difficult task every now and then as we tend to think we are not doing anything and that we should be somewhere. Mind might be playing tricks on us. But we actually are doing more than you can imagine – we are giving love to our body and soul. We are resetting, relaxing and setting new intentions for ourselves and for this beautiful earth. I feel like if everyone does a little self-discovery to vibrate a bit higher with a humble and loving heart, this world sure will be a better place.

What I want to highlight too is the importance of letting it all go once in a while. Maybe through yoga, meditation or simply just breathing slower. Or by visiting amazing places like Sri Lanka and Villa De Zoysa. Surrender in the moment. Being gentle with yourself and trying to be friends with your own ego which sometimes is on the way especially when it comes to your asana practice, hah. Yoga is different to everyone. You can do it or you can be in it. It is everywhere. Remember that there is no right or wrong way to be in the state of yoga. There sure are good alignments in asana practice and your own personal goals you want to achieve. But deep deep down yoga is getting to know You. To quiet all the noises your mind creates and to start listening to your real Self. Yoga is a beautiful path of living and connecting with fellow human beings and the Mother Nature around us! Something to keep in mind people

I had a beautiful opportunity to teach and learn yoga at this amazing villa. The place itself gets your soul to rest and to be at peace. The evening yoga classes in the candle light and the magical mornings while the sun was rising. Down to earth people with humble hearts. And oh the food. I am not going to even lie if I say it was the best food I have ever eaten. I feel forever grateful for Devinda to opening up his home, his beautiful place to me. I know this is not going to be the last time I visit Villa De Zoysa as the place is full of magic!