Luxury Class Travel.

We care for you in Style.

Book your Ten Day Post Pandemic Yoga Retreat in December 2021, and get this fabulous free offer.

First post pandemic Retreat,  is offering you an absolutely irresistible free travel in Mercedes style,  covering two sites, in addition to your daily routine of yoga.

When is the Retreat?

December 4th Saturday to 13th Monday. ( 9 nights/10 days)

What is included as usual?

  1. Twice daily yoga classes of 1.5 hours each + Breakfast and dinner.


Special free offer.

  1. Free transport in luxury class vehicles to a tea plantation and a museum, 300 year old non touristic Buddhist temple, Stilt fisherman village. Devinda will be happy to accompany you to explain the history, culture, art and the legend behind the stories. En route we also take a short 20 minutes slow local train ride through the green country side on tracks first built by the British in 1880. All this is a  day trip between yoga classes.


Slow local train Ride on tracks laid in 1880!

Nostalgic ride into the past glory of Ceylon.

Conversation on Philosophy with a local Monk., in a 300 year old temple.

We are what we Think.

Fishing tradition which goes back to generations.

Fisherman on the Stilts.



2. Free transport to an absolutely picturesque National Wild Life Park to watch herds of elephants, deer, wild buffaloes, dancing peacocks, and a dazzling array of migratory birds escaping the harsh Siberian winter in search of food and greenery.

(Minimum 2 passengers are required and park entrance charges (approximately USD 30 per person, to be paid by the guests.  (Tour is half a day, leaving after yoga and breakfast and returning for dinner)


National Park has plenty of Elephant families.

We are a family too.

Scenery on the dive to National Park.

How Green is Sri lanka.