Namaste! My name is Yulia Stepanova, and I teach mindfulness practices. I provide tools for creating personal happiness.

Low confidence?
People at some point in their life tend to question their own actions and purpose. Who am I? Where am I? Where am I going?
Some of us need sometime or the other, clarity and a vision our life, to have an opportunity to choose, to have an opportunity influence the course of events. And we all need resources to follow the way guided by our heart.

Practices of mindfulness give you the skill of self-regulation, the skill of managing your attention to keep your willpower and your spontaneity in balance. This is the best way to live doing your favorite thing, surrounded by favorite people and feel happiness in the process. So, I am a yoga instructor and a dance performer in the same time. I teach a movement. This is a more correct interpretation, because sometimes my yoga practice becomes a dance, and a dance becomes a yoga practice. In asana, I see a volitional beginning, and in practice, I see a sensual beginning. By combining these opposites, an energy flow is created, which an experienced practitioner can use for the good, directing the focus on a positive course, on the implementation of their intentions. This is an amazing process! And here, at this beautiful villa, in yoga shala we will try to deal with this art. I would love to see you a happy artist of your own life. Will you dance with me?